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Mike Gausch (AKA – Big Country)

Logistics professional, husband and father of two, Mike maximizes every outdoor opportunity he gets to hunt, fish or just tell stories with the guys. He has hunted everything from birds to big game in the farthest reaches of North America. A southeast Pennsylvania resident he is very accustom to bow hunting large numbers of whitetail deer in small plots of land facing all the challenges that come with it.

Rob Gavin (AKA – Negative G)

Hailing from central Pennsylvania, Rob is a Union Pipe Fitter and hunter with more big bucks under his belt than most TV personalities. Rob could hunt 23 consecutive days without seeing a deer (complain about every one) then smack a big boy on the last day. Mainly a traditional bow hunter but Rob won’t hesitate to bring out the sewing machine or big gun to get the job done.

Mark Hussey (AKA – Bridger)

IT Developer by profession - Hunter and Trapper by passion. With the support from his family Mark rarely misses out on a sporting opportunity, be it Pheasants on State Game Lands or a Colorado Elk hunt, Mark is usually in. A rookie trapper just 3 years ago, “Bridger” quickly earned his ranks catching everything PA has to offer – including the elusive Bob Cat.

Kent Hendershot (AKA – Coach)

Athletic director and basketball coach, Kent applies his team building skills to organize deer drives on his South Central Pa family farm to keep the population in check. Although his time off work and family is limited, Kent frequently travels out west to chase Mule Deer and Elk. Rumor has it, he is honing his skills to try out for the PBR in 2012.

Ken Miller (AKA – Millbilly)

Inventor, designer and sportsman, Ken hunts and fishes across North America. From Spring Stripers on the Chesapeake Bay to Wyoming Antelope he is always thinking of ways to enhance the outdoor experience. In 2010, Ken along with the support of his beautiful wife founded Kendoo Sports to bring meaningful products to life that will help sportsmen succeed from start to finish.

Tom Mills (AKA – Mills)

A sales professional with Sportco Marketing Inc. Tom uses his in depth product knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in the field or on the water. Traveling and working is commonplace for Tom, but he somehow finds time to spend with his family or to just re-charge his batteries chasing African big game, PA Turkeys or Smallie’s on the Susquehanna River.

Rick Webster (AKA – Cowboy)

A Pennsylvania Sportsman and family man at heart, Rick enjoys hunting and fishing across the Keystone state. With an uncanny skill to set-up tree stands in “right spot” you might think he is crazy with all the relocating during the season, but Rick has a few big bucks on the wall justify his antics. It doesn’t stop there. One place you don’t want to find yourself is fly-fishing behind Rick on Spring Creek. You be in for a long day of fish-school watching Rick pluck trout after trout out every riffle on the creek.